A know-how from a long tradition

Produced using sustainable agricultural methods, the grapes used in Château Négrit and Rocher-Calon grow on the clay and limestone hillsides characteristic of the Montagne–Saint-Emilion region and yield high-quality wines distinguished by plush flavors of ripe red fruit.

Héritage de Négrit is a special reserve produced from our best vineyards.

Each vintage yields 6,000 bottles of wine aged in oak barrels. This special reserve is not advertised. This wine is characterized by tight tannins with hints of vanilla and red fruit. 

These charming wines are the result of traditional wine-making combined with modern technology. Jean Philippe Faure, a consultant working for the Michel Rolland Laboratory, dispenses expert advice on wine-making processes and grape-growing.

Our present is already anchored in the future …

Result of a transmission for four generations, the vineyard is preparing today for the future arrival of children, Damien and Clara, who will strive to perpetuate and develop this beautiful family estate.

Environment at the heart of our concerns

Concerned with the respect of our environment as well as this fabulous terroir which offers us each year its most beautiful fruits, we are attached to follow all the technical evolutions which allow us to preserve the aspect “artisanal” of our work with the greatest respect soil.

Effluent & waste management

Our washing area allows us to recover and to reprocess by specialized channels, all viticultural effluents as well as those of our de-oiler tank.

Equipment & conduits

Our tractor drivers are trained in eco-friendly driving and their tractors are equipped to perform all operations in a single pass to minimize our environmental impact.

All materials and equipment are chosen according to their energy performance.